Psychology 611

Methods of Research


Program Evaluation

in Psychology

Course description: 

Three hours lecture and discussion.  Prerequisite: graduate enrollment at Radford University.  Discussion of and practice in the design and evaluation of psychological research, including both experimental and correlational designs, and program evaluation. Limitations and sources of confounding of behavioral research, and the interpretation of data, are also discussed.

Presentation Schedule for Spring 2005

Click here for a proposal rating form.  Rating forms are to be turned in at the beginning of the class during which the presentation is scheduled.  Separate ratings forms for the presentation will be distributed in class.  Expect to take no more than 15 minutes for your presentation, including set up and time for questions.  Each proposal can be accessed by clicking on the presenter's name, below.

Section 1 (9:30)            Section 2 (10:30)

                Thursday, April 21

1.  Toshia                         1.  Erika

2.  Ryan                           2.  Ashley

3.  Sara                           3.  Megan

                                        4.  Mark

                                        5.  Doreen

                                        6.  Grazyna

                Tuesday, April 26

1.  Emily                           1.  Brad

2.  Jessica                          2.  Greg

3.  Cynthia                         3.  Chad

                                         4.  Joanna and appendices

                                         5.  Shannon

                Thursday, April 28

1.  Martha                          1.  Leigh

2.  Lauren                          2.  Courtney

3.  Andrea                          3.  Elizabeth

                                         4.  Heather

                                         5.  Doug