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Psychology 798

Professional Internships in

I/O Psychology

Course description: 

Hours may vary from 10 to 25 per week.  Prerequisites: Permission of instructor; enrollment in a graduate program in Psychology at Radford University.  NOTE:  This course may be repeated for a total of 12 credits; students should consult with their faculty advisers for specific requirements within their area of concentration.  

A part time professional experience under the supervision of the Psychology Graduate Faculty  The student will function as a staff member in professional settings to gain experience in the use and application of psychological techniques and procedures.  common emphases of all sections will be on developing professional identity through an experiential component.  Ethical practice and responsibilities will also be an emphasis for all sections of the course.  Internship grades will be recorded as Pass or Fail.  Each internship section will have a specific and detailed course description of the content of the course as related to the specific graduate concentration of the student.